How A Tailored Rota System Helps Private Hospitals

Managing a hospital is a difficult and demanding job.  Managers need to look ahead when it comes to overseeing rota and shift patterns, not to mention dealing with expenses and holiday leave.

Technology is increasingly intertwined with crucial administrative processes and is fast becoming a driving force toward better efficiency.  At its core, rota management software helps keep communication, costs and productivity in check.

For this technology to work, it needs to have a bespoke offering.  Every hospital has its own individual needs and a tailored and cost-effective solution can be fine-tuned to meet your specific requirements.

We take a look at some of the reasons why rota management software plays a vital role in healthcare and private hospitals

It Offers Scalability

Advancements in technology allow hospitals to respond to growth.  As your organisation expands, so does the requirement for a flexible and robust system.

RotaMaster offers a granular, software solution to ease the management of rotas and communicate with staff via one platform.

Our solution is priced per user, so whether you want to coordinate ward by ward, department or a whole hospital, RotaMaster is more than capable of the scalability required.

Keep on Top of Staffing Levels

Healthcare staffing levels need to be safely managed and monitored, especially when it comes to guaranteeing patient care and safety.

RotaMaster gives the user a real-time view of staffing levels from one place.  This is a big advantage to any organisation managing a multitude of staff.  It gives clear visibility of who is working from where and you can schedule as far in advance as you need.

Manage Varied Skill Sets and Budgets

Within a hospital, there are a variety of job roles with specific skill sets, competencies and budgets.  Managing a varied workforce certainly has its challenges but this can be overcome by using customisable software.

It is common for staff to be funded midpoint of their grade so adding in senior personnel to shift patterns means the budget needs adjusting.  Inputting these adjustments within RotaMaster is easy with functionality allowing you to attach a rate of pay to each individual.

Improved Communication

In a hospital environment time is of the essence so it is imperative that everyone knows what they are doing, when they are doing it and where they are doing it from.

With that in mind, a correct rota well ahead of time is necessary.  However, in this ever-changing, fast-paced environment it is difficult to cover every shift simply.  Our customers make use of RotaMaster’s Auto allocation tool which searches through the internal data to collate the right mix of qualities needed from staff to take a shift.

Any gaps in the rota will be communicated directly via one platform to all staff that fit the relevant post making those tedious calls through the database of staff a thing of the past.

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