10 reasons why you need rota software

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26 March 2022

10 reasons why you need rota software

It is difficult to quantify the huge strain the healthcare sector has felt this year from a staffing point of view – staff shortages; higher demand; high staff sickness rates and social-distancing regulations and there are concerns around how staff on the frontline will cope after the pandemic has passed – we will have an over-worked and stressed workforce.  Not only this, there are concerns that large numbers will leave, exacerbating the situation.  The outlook looks challenging.

It pushes ‘staffing’ up the priority list emphasised recently when the Health Secretary recently pledged £7.5m to support digital shift scheduling across 40 trusts, as part of a wider strategy by NHS England and Improvement and NHSX to build a collaborative and flexible workforce through the use of technology.

During the pandemic e-rostering has been instrumental in redeploying staff, reporting absence and managing working hours so now is the time to make the most of your staff’s time looking after patients.  Now is the time to embrace the technology – the wellbeing of our NHS staff starts here.

And here are the reasons why:

  1. Fulfil your staff’s wishes and requirements

Not all members of the team will be available to work all of the time, and it’s important to take these needs (and your patient needs) into account when producing rotas.  A series of spreadsheets is not fit for purpose and is likely continue leading to disappointment and mistrust.  Staff no longer need to work a series of fixed shifts.

  1. Encourage collaboration

An e-rostering system by its very nature makes it easier to increase staff’s input into their own shifts and to work collaboratively to produce a fair rota.  It has been proven that if your staff feel that their preferences are being considered and that there is the opportunity to influence their schedule, they will feel that the system is fairer and more inclusive.

  1. Improve communication and transparency

Prompt communication to your staff on rotas is really important.  Mobile ready rota software will send a notification to your staff letting them know when the new rota is ready to view.  It will also let them know if any changes are made to the rota.  And with a range of communication channels available – SMS, email, or in-app message you can be sure your staff are automatically kept informed.

  1. Better work life balance

By its very nature, software allows greater flexibility on shift planning.  Shift preferences and shift swapping become easy to manage and gaps in the rota are easy to spot, so the possibility of a more balanced working pattern becomes achievable.

  1. Streamline processes

An online rota system does the hard work for you in storing all your HR data in one place, which means you can readily check the availability of qualified staff on any given day.  No more spreadsheets, bits of paper on the noticeboard or post-it notes stuck to your computer screen.  More time and saving money.

  1. Safety and compliance

Rota software makes it easy to monitor compliance, training records and dealing with governance issues.

  1. Better data

With an online rota comes data at your fingertips.  Not only will this help you build better rotas but will also give you information you could use to improve the efficiency, quality and safety of the running of your department and ultimately the care of your patients.

  1. Integration

We understand that it takes a whole host of systems to run an organisation. That’s why we’ll integrate with any existing solutions – be it HR, finance, attendance or patient/customer booking software.

  1. Better matching of staff to patients

With improved data available, it becomes easier to better match the right staff to the needs of your patients.  This in itself brings huge benefits to overall patient care and leads us on to our final point.

  1. Better patient care

Last but definitely not least, better rotas will bring improved patient care.  Through having the right skills mix on every shift, patients will be treated quicker, reducing their time in hospital with better outcomes for patients and staff alike.

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