Enhance Time and Attendance Efficiency With Attendance+, Providing Live Staffing Views, Shift Clocking Devices and Accurate Payroll.

Did You Know? Organisations losing just 3 minutes per shift across 200 shifts weekly could save £30,000 annually by optimising their time management practices.

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, every minute counts. With RotaMaster’s Attendance+ module, you can reclaim lost time, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure your staff are exactly where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Remove administrative headache, provide better care, and remove payroll errors with RotaMaster Attendance+.

Track Time and Attendance

Simplify shift verification with Attendance+ shift clocking. A range of clocking methods are available to best suit your organisational needs.

  • Geo fenced location to ensure staff are on site
  • Mobile, tablet or biometric clocking methods available
  • In clinic terminals for front desk sign in
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Timesheets And Payroll Reporting

Simple, clear and accurate timesheets provide automated proof of presence and detailed timesheet reporting ensure payroll precision.

  • Remove staff submission requirements
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Say goodbye to manual calculations and errors
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Real Time Staffing Level Reporting

Attendance+ tracks attendance in real time, allowing managers to have a live view of their actual staffing levels. This allows your teams to;

  • Have total oversight of the workforce at any time
  • Compare on-shift personnel against rostered staff
  • Redistribute resources if no-shows or lateness occur
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Configurable Rules For Each Team

We understand that each of your teams works differently. That’s why RotaMaster allows you to build different attendance rules for each area of your organisation.

  • Adjust pay for lateness, early departures and overtime with ease
  • ‘Grace Periods’ give staff a threshold to clock within without manager intervention
  • Managers handle any clocks outside of the rules and have the final say
  • Clocks that decrease shift times automatically feed timesheets
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