Optimise Payroll Processes with RotaMaster’s Finance+ Module

RotaMaster’s Finance+ module is the ultimate solution for health and care organisations looking to streamline their payroll processes, reduce errors, and save valuable time.

Tailored specifically for the health and care industry, Finance+ seamlessly integrates with RotaMaster’s workforce management system to provide a comprehensive finance management solution.

Centralise your Workforce Management Solutions with RotaMaster and Finance+.

  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry:

    Say goodbye to manual input errors with automated data transfer.

  • Comprehensive Pay Management:

    From salaried staff to overtime, flexi-pay, leave and bonuses, Finance+ handles a variety of pay types effortlessly.

  • Data Integrity:

    Secure pay data locking ensures the accuracy and integrity of your financial records

  • Automated Verification:

    Utilise automated proof of presence to validate timesheet accuracy and ensure precise payroll processing.

  • Seamless Integration:

    Export pay files in the correct format with ease. Finance+ integrates seamlessly with popular payroll systems like Sage, IRIS, iTrent, and Payroo. Custom data export services are also available for other payroll and finance systems.

  • Align Workforce Management and Finance Today

    Simplify your complete workforce management solution from Rostering, Time and Attendance to Payroll and Finance with RotaMaster and Finance+

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