Consolidate multiple processes and boost productivity

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10 November 2022

Consolidate multiple processes and boost productivity

The best workforce management technology brings together processes and teams across the whole organisation, leading to both short and longer term benefits.

In the short term, they help to manage everything that happens each month, from staff working a shift and taking annual leave, right though to being paid.

In the longer term, they take care of the complete employee journey, from their first to last day at the organisation. This will include things like; storing onboarding documents, compliance checks, annual leave management, rotas, sickness, personal profiles and leaving information.

In this post we’ll detail three scenarios in which effective workforce management software is the best solution.

How connected are your HR, finance, and operational teams?

Many organisations without workforce management technology will experience unspoken frustration across teams. Finance teams often feel that operations teams don’t submit timesheets on time, or that HR teams aren’t quick enough to notify them of absences, leading to retrospective corrections on payroll and inaccurate forecasting or budget control. Finance teams often ask for plenty of detail which other teams might struggle to provide without the right technology, or HR might not notify operations when a staff member calls in sick leading to unforeseen operational issues.

Whilst this is incredibly common and seemingly difficult to remedy, none of it is necessary.

Organisations with a comprehensive workforce management software solution benefit from multiple systems (from HR to finance and operations) sitting on the same platform – all talking to each other – taking the strain so that you can concentrate on taking care of your department.

Data is stored all over the place

Information about leave, training days, sickness, start / leave dates, staff pay rates and contract details is all held on various spreadsheets or third-party systems, none of which communicate with the staff rota that underpins operations.

There’s no push and pull here and it leads to lots of problems:

  • No visibility of last-minute absence where cover could have been organised by operational teams if they had the notice.
  • Leave not being managed in the same place as rotas results in inefficient forward planning without oversight of planned leave with no view of potential bottlenecks at peak holiday seasons.
  • Long consolidation processes at payroll time with operations teams passing reports to finance. Poor quality data that’s cumbersome to produce (and read), long cycles of calculations and corrections – all of this before payroll can be run!

There are many more problems that we’ll not go into, but you can already see how:

  • Operations Managers are wasting time manually producing timesheet / hours worked reports that finance teams will receive and at-best, tolerate.
  • Finance Managers are tired repeating long calculations – likely with pre-existing corrections from previous months. This then repeats, every month.
  • Team members are frustrated by being chased for timesheets and overtime payment requests.

Even data for individual teams is disjointed

Of course, consolidating processes isn’t just about connecting teams across the business – but it’s importantly about streamlining processes within teams too.

Take for example HR teams without a systemised HR process. Spreadsheets for mandatory training, maybe a piece of online leave booking software, paper-based sickness records and reliance on manual reminders for staff appraisals and training revalidation.

None of this information is tied together, nor reliable, and very dangerous given the impact of non-compliance on healthcare organisations.

If you’d like to find out more about how RotaMaster workforce management technology is supporting healthcare organisation to consolidate processes, drop us a message and a member of our team will get right back to you


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