Elevating Patient Care: RotaMaster Launches Enhanced Staff Hub Mobile App Design

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21 February 2024

A Mobile App Streamlining Workforce Management for Improved Healthcare Outcomes

Staff Hub Mobile App Book Shifts

In a steadfast commitment to advancing patient outcomes through streamlined workforce management, RotaMaster is thrilled to unveil a revamped design for its Staff Hub Mobile App. Rooted in the core principles of simplifying processes and ensuring the right staff are available for patients, this update is a significant leap forward in empowering healthcare professionals.

At the heart of the RotaMaster Staff Hub Mobile App is a mission to enhance patient outcomes. By simplifying the workforce management process, we aim to ensure that the correct and best-suited staff are readily available for patients when needed most.

Ensuring Staff Availability for Optimal Patient Care

Our Staff Hub App is a strategic tool designed to facilitate the seamless coordination of staff, guaranteeing that the right personnel are always on hand to attend to patient needs.

Fulfilling Shift Requirements with Mobile Ease

The Staff Hub App serves as a dedicated platform for staff to fulfil shifts as outlined by organisational requirements. It empowers individual staff members to proactively manage their work commitments with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Empowering Your Staff With Shift Management In The Palm Of Their Hands

Since the original mobile App launch, we have given the ability for your staff to manage:

Mobile App Shift Booking:

  •  Staff members can independently book shifts, fostering a sense of control over their schedules.

Mobile App Shift Visibility:

  • Individuals can effortlessly see their upcoming shifts, ensuring they are well-prepared for their work commitments.

Mobile App Shift Verification:

  • The ability to verify worked shifts enhances accuracy, providing assurance that all information is correct and facilitating accurate payment processing.

Additional Features (Attendance+, Leave+ & People+ Modules Required):

  • Individual management of sickness and leave requests.
  • Streamlined expenses and mileage management.
  • Clocking into shifts based on device geo-location for precise time tracking.

Benefits of the Staff Hub App Update: A User-Centric Approach to Workforce Management

The enhanced Staff Hub App design brings forth a multitude of benefits for staff members:


Ease of Use:

  • The app is now more user-friendly, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience.

Easier Shift Booking:

  • Booking shifts is no easier for staff whilst increasing the number of shifts they are able to book improving fill rate and reducing agency spend.

Efficient Rota and Shift Management:

  • Staff can book more shifts, simplifying the management of rota and work schedules.

Comprehensive Lifecycle Management:

  • The entire lifecycle of shifts can be efficiently managed within the app.

Real-Time Shift Visibility:

• Users can stay informed with the latest shift information, promoting up-to-date awareness of work schedules.

Increased Accuracy and Payment Assurance:

• Visibility into the shift being worked enhances accuracy, ensuring that information is correct, ultimately leading to accurate payment processing.

Intuitive Shift Booking:

  • Booking shifts is now more straightforward, thanks to the app’s improved design.

Unlock the Potential: Embrace the Enhanced RotaMaster Staff Hub App

This updated Staff Hub App is a testament to RotaMaster’s ongoing commitment to revolutionising healthcare workforce management.

Already a RotaMaster customer and ready to unlock the full potential of this enhanced tool? Consider exploring the Attendance+, Leave+ & People+ add-on modules available. Complete the form below to get in contact with our Customer Success Team to discuss further.

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Together, let’s shape a future where patient care is seamlessly connected to the efficiency and empowerment of healthcare professionals.

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