Location-based clock-in now available on RotaMaster

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29 March 2023

Location based clock-in now available on RotaMaster

Time and attendance monitoring just got a whole lot smarter with the launch of location-based clock-in.

Organisations can now set a virtual ‘fence’ around a duty station of anywhere between one metre and ten thousand metres. Put simply, this means that staff can only clock-in to a shift when they are within these parameters.

This new feature is set to revolutionise the way that health and care teams monitor time and attendance, ensuring that staff are paid correctly for time worked and that payroll is fed with accurate data – reducing the margin for error.

More great stuff is in the mix

This is just the beginning of a number of modernisations that are being made to RotaMaster in 2023.

Exciting things coming soon include:

  • Redesigns of the mobile app
  • Improvements to the main RotaMaster interface
  • Advances in MFA and SSO
  • Overhauls of staff and admin hubs

If you’d like to find out more about location-based clock-in, or how RotaMaster is helping healthcare teams manage their staff – book a demo today.

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