Planning rotas for the Covid vaccine programme

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26 January 2022

Planning rotas for the Covid vaccine programme

Under current plans, the whole of the adult population will have had the Covid vaccination (2 doses) by the end of April 2021. The numbers are huge! And obviously depends on when the various vaccines are cleared by the MHRA for use.

– 33.9m to be done at community mass vaccination sites operated by primary care;

– 27.7m at large scale mass vaccination sites;

with a further 2m to NHS staff and 3.5m to care homes and others in the community.

This is an unprecedented immunisation programme and undoubtedly not without its challenges.

As practices grapple with the many practicalities including; planning the venue; recruiting staff; how to store the vaccine when it arrives; we can hopefully assure you that we can take away a lot of the headache of planning your rota for the expected schedule of 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and a target of 1 vaccine every 4 minutes at 1500 GP practices across the UK.

At the height of the pandemic in the Spring, we worked with many primary care settings to help set up Covid hot hubs and we adapted our system to meet the specific needs of the hubs in the ever-changing Covid landscape.

We are already working with some customers to plan Covid vaccine rotas, whereby all services (routine appointments, flu vaccine clinics and now Covid vaccine clinics) can be offered from one rota management system.

Here’s how our system can help…

– Monitor staff skills to ensure compliance

Practices involved in the Covid vaccine programme will need to oversee and keep a record confirming all staff have undertaken the required training. Skill sets and training records can all be stored in the system.

– Report and gather data

Our system holds many different data sources that may be applicable in the Covid vaccine programme, allowing you to see immediately who is available and when;

– Availability of qualified staff

– Locations and hours they are available work

– Absence and leave

– Dates of booked training

– Staff coverage required

– Communicate quickly and easily with your staff

The system allows you to send alerts and notifications easily to staff keeping them up to date of any changes to working schedules, as well as staff having access to a web portal.

Our goal has always been to create a system that works for frontline primary care staff, and we have always prided ourselves on helping to deliver the right person with the right skill set every time in any given situation. During this current crisis our focus is also very much on providing services for patients and staff safely and efficiently, whilst reducing the risk of infection.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help with your staffing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic or specifically with online Covid vaccine rotas, please get in touch.

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