The Importance of Mobile Accessibility

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22 May 2024

At RotaMaster, we understand the importance of mobile app accessibility in creating an inclusive workforce management experience.

Our recently redesigned Staff Hub app prioritises accessibility, ensuring that all employees, regardless of abilities or preferences, can effectively access and utilise its features on their mobile devices.

The objective was to design a new mobile app that aligns with our updated brand guidelines, providing an intuitive and seamless experience for healthcare staff to view and manage their schedules and availability all whilst improving accessibility across the experience.

Reflecting on the First RotaMaster App

Upon reflection, the initial design of the RotaMaster Staff Hub app presented several significant challenges.

The app was cluttered, displayed an overwhelming amount of information and made it difficult for users to navigate effectively. Additionally, the app did not adapt well to different screen sizes, which further complicated the user experience on various devices.

The call-to-action buttons were too small, making it challenging for end users to identify and interact with key functionalities.

These issues underscored the need for a comprehensive redesign to create a more intuitive, user-friendly, and adaptable mobile app that aligns with modern usability standards and enhances overall user engagement.

Our Approach To Accessibility in Staff Hub

During the recent redesign of the Staff Hub app, RotaMaster prioritised accessibility from the initial stages. Key accessibility considerations included:

  1. Incorporating accessibility testing throughout the development lifecycle to identify and address potential barriers early on.
  2. Conducting screen reader testing to ensure seamless integration with assistive technologies like VoiceOver (iOS) and TalkBack (Android).
  3. Performing colour contrast checks to maintain legible text for users with visual impairments.
  4. Adhering to best practices for touch targets, font sizes, and content organisation to enhance usability for users with motor or cognitive disabilities.
  5. Engaging users with disabilities for usability testing to gather valuable feedback and refine the app’s accessibility features.

As Regine M Gilbert aptly stated in “Inclusive Design for a Digital World,” we cannot design for everyone. However, we can create experiences that are broadly accessible. The redesigned app now has improved accessibility.

The redesigned app now boasts significantly improved accessibility, making it more user-friendly for all.

By prioritising mobile accessibility, RotaMaster demonstrates its commitment to digital inclusion, and providing an exceptional user experience for all healthcare professionals using the Staff Hub app.

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