Top tips for motivating your team in the run up to Christmas

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26 November 2022

Top tips for motivating your team in the run up to Christmas

Staff are an organisations’ most valuable asset and when the chips are down, it is even more important to ensure they are happy and motivated. Things are tough at the moment for a lot of people. As the NHS continues to tackle the aftermath of the pandemic, it would seem that now is a vital time to review team morale, to ensure your staff are feeling valued and give it a boost.

Here are some tips to help keep your staff motivated in the run up to Christmas.

Be transparent and consistent

An open and consistent approach to communication leads to better team working and a greater understanding of what is expected of people. If you communicate well with your team, then they are far more likely to communicate better with you. Being open and honest with your team, especially during periods of big change, also leads to greater trust levels and respect and they are more likely to be better motivated to do a good job.

Are you listening?

Lending an ear to staff is an important aspect of good management so ensure your staff know you’re open for listening and encourage feedback from them. Ensure you understand their needs and what other commitments they have outside of work. If you have a shift-based team, ensure your rota can adapt to take everyone’s needs and wishes into account. Rota software can ease a lot of headaches especially in the run up to Christmas!

Re-emphasise your company values

People function better when they feel that what they are doing has meaning, which is why values are an essential part of any organisation. Reminding your team of your ‘mission’ and values (how you are going to achieve your mission) will encourage staff to feel part of something and give their best in achieving it.

Digital skills check

We’re all aware that the speed of digital change in the NHS has been rapid over the last few months and has brought many benefits. Rapid change though can be hard on staff, and could lead to them feeling like they can’t support patients effectively.

Training is key to ensure the benefits of tech are reaped. We have read about examples of digital tools improving team dynamics and morale, allowing greater flexibility in working hours and making it easier to manage workloads. Get it right and staff build their confidence and overall clinical decision-making improves.

Take care of your staff’s wellbeing

Wellbeing needs of staff working in healthcare have never been more important. People need both practical support and a bit of compassion from their managers. If all the other factors, which we have touched on in this blog, are done well, and an inclusive and transparent culture pervades, people’s psychological and practical needs have a greater chance of being met.

The end to this period of uncertainty is unknown and staff in the healthcare sector will no doubt be feeling the pressure. Now is the time to pull together as a team and take care of everyone’s needs with the greatest consideration.

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