Summer Savings: How To Utilise Contracted And Bank Staff

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Summer Holidays. The Challenge.

Summer holidays can pose significant staffing challenges for healthcare organisations. Annual leave for permanent staff can create gaps that require efficient and cost-effective solutions.

RotaMaster’s workforce management software offers various features designed to optimise the use of contracted hours and bank staff, reducing reliance on costly agency staff.

Discover how RotaMaster can help you streamline operations, enhance financial transparency, and ensure optimal staffing levels during the busy summer months.

Common Summer Healthcare Staffing Pains

1. Last Minute Annual Leave Requests
2. Shift and Rota Disruptions
3. High Costs of Agency Staff
4. Inconsistency with Agency Staff
5. Administrative Burden

To find out how to address these pains and discover strategies to avoid these issues fill in the form to download our guide.

Who Are RotaMaster

Launched over 25 years ago, RotaMaster was designed by a GP who identified the need to reduce their spend on agency staff.

Our products are designed to improve efficiency, team engagement and operational performance in forward thinking healthcare organisations.

Whether you’re a Primary Care organisation, Residential Care Home group or a Community Health provider our powerful scheduling, HR, communication and finance tools are built to change the way that you and your teams experience work.

What is Workforce Management Software

Workforce management software is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimise the efficiency and productivity of your workforce. It encompasses a range of functionalities including employee scheduling, time and attendance tracking, leave management, and payroll integration.

By automating these processes, workforce management software can help ensure that you have the right number of staff with the right skills at the right time, which reduces costs associated with overstaffing or understaffing. It also enhances employee satisfaction by providing transparent scheduling, enabling self-service capabilities, and ensuring accurate and timely payment.

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What our customers say about us

  • Rotamaster has helped us to manage and control our rosters in an easier way. This enables us to push for shifts that we require filling first and work closer with staff to balance our needs and theirs.

    Joe Chilton
    Deputy General Manager at London Ambulance Service

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