Time and Attendance

Monitor attendance in real time with powerful reports

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  • Mobile, tablet or biometric clocking

    Proof of presence that suits your organisational culture and budget.

  • Simple, clear and accurate timesheets

    Accurate payroll reports based on actual time worked.

  • Configurable rules for each team

    Each team has control over their lateness rules and approval process.

  • Real time view of staffing levels

    Rota views that show on shift vs scheduled staff.

Shift clocking via mobile, tablet or biometric devices

Staff can clock in and out of shifts using the method that suits your teams and your budget. Choose from;

  • Mobile clocking – perfect for teams out in the community
  • Tablet app – ideal for fixed locations like care homes
  • Hardware devices – finger print, card or fob at the door
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Simple timesheets and reports

RotaMaster uses attendance data to produce a variety of powerful reports, including;

  • Lateness and earliness reports by person
  • Accurate payroll exports
  • Scheduled vs worked hours

Configurable rules for each team

We understand that each of your teams works differently. That’s why RotaMaster allows you to build different attendance rules for each area of your organisation.

  • ‘Grace Periods’ give staff a threshold to clock within without manager intervention
  • Managers handle any clocks outside of the rules and have the final say
  • Clocks that decrease shift times automatically feed timesheets

Real time view of staffing levels

RotaMaster tracks attendance in real time, allowing managers to have a live view of their actual staffing levels. This allows your teams to;

  • Have total oversight of the workforce at any time
  • Redistribute resources if no-shows or lateness occur
  • Adhere to fire safety legislation
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